Lower Otter Valley Restoration Project

Date posted: 
10th Nov 2020

The OVA has been involved since the inception of this project and is a member of the Technical Streeing Group, trying to give a local flavour to the proposals.

In general the OVA is supportive of the project, based on the understanding that change is inevitable with climate change, higher sea levels and more violent storm events.  We consider that change would be far better as a managed process, and not as panic response to a disaster.  The managed process of LORP has attracted the necessary funding to make a proper scheme, whereas major storm damage (tomorrow, next week, …) would not be repaired - latest Coastal Management Plan policy.

During the process the OVA representatives have been keen to emphasise the continuation of public access and enjoyment of the area.  We will be continuing to liaise during the construction phase to try and ensure that the necessarily disruptive works cause minimum effects to the use by the public. (though for site safety reasons there will inevitably be diversions and/or temporary closures).

The Project has also raised a host of technical and environmental issues.  We do not have the specialist skills and knowledge to make detailed comments on these issues, but have ensured that the project process has engaged a number of specialist consultants to advise the scheme promoters - the Environment Agency (EA) and Clinton Devon Estates (CDE).  The results of all this expetise is built into the scheme and is detailed in all the back-up documentation with the Planning Application.  This is a mass of paperwork, but it is worth referring to parts of it if you have specific interest in a particular aspect.

If funds were unlimited, there are undoubtedly other things the OVA would like to have seen included.  But we are realists in recognising that the proposed scheme is the best available, and far better than the ‘do nothing’ option.


OVA Exec Committee