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Walking With the OVA Aims and Objectives 


OVA walks are normally open to all, members and non-members alike, and are free.



Friday, 14th December, 10.00am – WALKView

14th December 2018

Exploring the Western Front: a Mince Pie Walk

Monday, 17th December – 9.00am - WALK View

17th December 2018

A Winter Canal Walk

Wednesday, 26th December - 10.30am - WALKView

26th December 2018

Boxing Day Walk

Saturday, 5th January - 10.00am - WALKView

5th January 2019

A New Years Revolution

Tuesday, 8th January - 10.00am - WALK View

8th January 2019

Woodbury Castle and Colaton Raleigh Common

Saturday, 12th January - 10.00am - WALKView

12th January 2019

 Colaton Raleigh Common

Saturday, 19th January - 10.00am - WALKView

19th January 2019

Three Plantations

Thursday 24th January – 10.30am – WALKView

24th January 2019

The Lower Otter

Wednesday, 30th January - 10.50am - WALK View

30th January 2019

Exeter Green Circle – Part Two