Local Heritage Asset List

What makes the Lower Otter Valley special?
What would you miss if it disappeared tomorrow?


The OVA has been undertaking a project looking at our rich and diverse local heritage to identify assets worthy of note.  We have sought nominations from the public and the town and parish councils.  These will form the basis of a local heritage asset list.  Following English Heritage's Good Practice Guide, the nominations will be assessed against standard listing criteria, before being adopted by East Devon District Council.

 Click here for the latest project report (December 2020)



The original nominations (2015) for the local heritage asset list have been recorded on the map below.

To view the map:

  • Click the square symbol, top right, to open the map full screen in a new tab.
  • The map can be zoomed in and out by using the mouse scroll wheel.
  • A list of nominations can be sen on the left of the screen (click  nn more or the down arrow below the red tick symbol to expand the list )
  • Click on any item in the list and the location and a photo (where available) will be displayed


  • Click on the red pins for the address and photo (where available)


  • Click on the photo to enlarge the image and view other photos (where available)
  • Use the back arrow to the top left of the photo to clear the image
  • Use the back arrow beside the address to return to the list