OVA Diary

OVA walks are normally open to all, members and non-members, and are free. See here for the aims and objectives of our walk coordinators.

Some events have to to be pre-booked and are usually for OVA members only. Talks are £2.00 for members and £2.50 for non-members. 

*Friends of the Commons events need to be booked – see April newsletter.

Thursday, 19th July - 6.30pm- WALKView

19th July 2018

Evening Extravaganza

Wednesday, 25th July - 10.00am - WALKView

25th July 2018

What’s the Mutter

Tuesday, 31st July - 10.00am - WALKView

31st July 2018

Raleigh Country

Saturday, 4th August, 10.30am - WALKView

4th August 2018

Devon Heartland Way - Part 3 - North Tawton - Bow

Wednesday 8th August, 10.00am- WALKView

8th August 2018

Budleigh to Sidmouth – and get the bus back

Wednesday, 15th August, 10.00am - WALKView

15th August 2018

Budleigh to Clamour Bridge and Down the River 

Tuesday, 21st August, 10.00am - WALKView

21st August 2018

A Monument to Wellington

Wednesday, 29th August, 10.00am - WALKView

29th August 2018

 The Otter Head Classic

Saturday, 1st September - 10.00am - WALKView

1st September 2018

Old Favourite

Saturday, 8th September - 10.00am - WALKView

8th September 2018

Devon Heartland Way - Part 4 - Bow to Crediton

Tuesday, 11th September - 10.45am - WALKView

11th September 2018

Devon Heartland Way - Stage 5 - Crediton to Newton St Cyres

Tuesday, 18th September - 10.00am - WALKView

18th September 2018

The path less travelled

Friday, 21st September - 10.00am - WALKView

21st September 2018

Trees and Trails around Trinity

Monday, 24th September - 11.00am - WALKView

24th September 2018

Footpaths in the Sand

Friday, 28th September - 11.15am - WALKView

28th September 2018

Devon Heartland Way - Stage 6 - Stoke Cannon to Newton St Cyres