Thursday, 7th February - 10.30am - WALK

Event date: 
7th February 2019

A Teign Gorge classic

Start: Fingle Bridge car park (OS 28, SX 743 900) 3.5 miles, 2.5 hours. Meet at Newton Poppleford recreation car park (OS 115, SY 088 899) at 09.30am to share cars or meet at the start point. A steady climb eastwards, up from the depths of the gorge, soon takes us to the gorgeous Hunters Path that runs along the rim of the steep defile that contains the youthful River Teign that can be heard hundreds of feet below, as it crashes its way down from the high moorland up ahead. We eventually reach the flanks of Lutyens' Castle Drogo, where we begin our descent down to the river, first turning north before doubling back to reach a footbridge and pool above a salmon leap. Remaining on the north bank, we simply follow the torrent westwards as it tumbles its way down through the densely wooded valley bottom towards the inn where we started, where some may be in need of sustenance! Walk Leader: Chris Gooding, 01395 265707/07852 630431